F2 body with 2 Aero S-Type wings (Associated B74)

Manufacturer: JConcepts

Part No: JC0397


The initial F2 design quickly proved effective on the ground and in the air. 

Designed with aspects learned from the original Finnisher bodies, the F2 provides an even more aggressive look with included details which remain

crucial to performance. The F2 body is a drop fit for the popular Team Associated B74.


With the evolution of race tracks, complicated circuits combining more aggressive jumps and extremely high-speed corners, JConcepts incorporated many features which provide several benefits in the most critical

situations. Increased windshield angle provides a steady force upfront during mid-flight wind gusts on large jumps.

Forward cab placement changes performance / visible bias which help steering rotation in low traction corners.


The side-pods have been simplified and JC chamfered to remove unwanted changes in height to neutralize the at-speed handling.

The rear of the pods have a dual step, scoop treatment which give a first in class look to the F2 body.

The rear of the cab has the Finnisher step feature which allows the placement of a secondary side window and also several louver options off the rear.


The F2 body in the hands of David Ronnefalk won the 2018 4wd European Championships.

The Jconcepts body is designed exclusively for the new B74 platform and includes all the necessary cut-lines and each package includes the S-Type wings.



•    Original - JConcepts F2 design

•    Blended wing / body design

•    Includes two Aero, S-Type rear wings

•    Clear polycarbonate with protective film

•    Window masks and decal sheet

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