Ruddog RP541 - 5.5 turn 540 sensored brushless modified motor

Manufacturer: Ruddog Products

Part No: RP0352


RUDDOG have announced the release of their all-new RP541 540-size sensored high-performance brushless motor. Designed and engineered in Germany the motor utilises a completely new design with a lightweight aluminium can ensuring a low weight of only around 153g while the new slotless stack design ensures increased performance and efficiency due to the lack of performance-killing millings for the long motor can mounting screws. This was made possible by using a new can design with a 1-piece front section and a short rear can that uses vertical mounting screws. Also new for the RP541 is a machined collector ring that comes silver-plated for the modified variants while the stock motor specific ring is gold-plated for an even lower internal resistance. Other differences between the stock and modified motors include performance enhancing ceramic ball races for the stock motor while the modified motor is equipped with high-qualify steel ball bearings. Part of the package are also optimised magnets that are able to withstand higher temperatures for longer, ensuring less power fading during a run while increasing overall durability. The magnets are also optimised for the RP541?s new slotless stack design. The motors are rounded out by new low-resistance solder tabs and a flat 150mm sensor wire and they are available as 4.5T to 9.5T modified, 6.5T 1S 1/12th scale modified as well as 10.5T to 21.5T stock SPEC variants.

Dimensions: 35.8x51.6mm
Weightt: 150-155g depends on turn rating
Ball Bearing Type: High-quality steel bearing
Ball Bearings:: RP-0148 RP540 Ball Bearing Set
Rotor: RP-0348 12.3x5x24.5mm


  • Slotless stack design for improved performance and increased efficiency
  • Improved magnets for improved temperature resistance, optimised for the new stack design
  • Machined collector ring. Silver-plated for modified and gold-plated for stock motors
  • Stock motors come equipped with ceramic ball bearings, modified motors use high-quality steel bearings
  • New, lightweight aluminium can with optimised cooling vents
  • Including flat 150mm sensor wire

Other winds available: 

RP-0350 RUDDOG RP541 4.5T 540 Sensored Brushless Motor
RP-0351 RUDDOG RP541 5.0T 540 Sensored Brushless Motor
RP-0352 RUDDOG RP541 5.5T 540 Sensored Brushless Motor
RP-0353 RUDDOG RP541 6.5T 540 Sensored Brushless Motor
RP-0354 RUDDOG RP541 6.5T 540 1S 1/12 Sensored Brushless Motor
RP-0355 RUDDOG RP541 7.5T 540 Sensored Brushless Motor
RP-0356 RUDDOG RP541 8.5T 540 Sensored Brushless Motor
RP-0357 RUDDOG RP541 9.5T 540 Sensored Brushless Motor

RP-0358 RUDDOG RP541 10.5T 540 Stock Sensored Brushless Motor
RP-0359 RUDDOG RP541 13.5T 540 Stock Sensored Brushless Motor
RP-0361 RUDDOG RP541 17.5T 540 Stock Sensored Brushless Motor
RP-0363 RUDDOG RP541 21.5T 540 Stock Sensored Brushless Motor


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