1Up Racing - Pro Duty Titanium Upper Screw Set - 66 pcs (Associated B6.4 or B6.4D)

Manufacturer: 1Up Racing

Part No: 1U-710011


There's no better way to dress up your car than with trick hardware, and 1up Racing Pro Duty Titanium Screws are as trick as it gets! Pro Duty Titanium Upper Screw Sets replace all of the kit M3 Button and Flat Head screws with our LowPro and Flat Head screws.  These sets also include our Lockdown Screws where possible so you won't have to purchase any extras after upgrading to a Pro Duty Upper Screw Set!

After years of testing samples, we've sourced the best machinists and aerospace grade 6AL4V (Grade 5) titanium available. Each screw is cut by CNC lathe ensuring the best strength and finish possible. All 1up Racing Pro Duty Titanium Hardware is made to strict standards to ensure you finish the race every time!

When you're after the best quality and performance possible, Pick 1up for your build!

Installation Note: We recommend using Genuine MIP 2.0mm Hex Driver Wrenches for the best hex engagement and fit! The majority of screw/hex failures we see is caused by over-tightening during installation. If you're having issues with screws backing out be sure to use a thread locker rather than cranking these down super tight. This ensures the hex will stay in excellent condition and your Pro Duty screws can be used over and over again for years to come.

We also recommend using the kit steel screws at the bottom of the chassis. Using titanium screws at the bottom would raise the car's CG and reduce stability and corner-speed. While alternatives like brass or tungsten screws are available, we've found that they are either too soft and break easily, or so rigid they reduce chassis flex and negatively affect handling.

Pieces Included Per Set:

  • AE B6.4/B6.4D - 66pcs
  • AE B74.2/B74.2D - 78pcs
  • AE T6.2 - 67pcs
  • ARC A10 '23 - 82pcs
  • Awesomatix A12 - 30pcs
  • Awesomatix A800MMX - 53pcs
  • Awesomatix A800R - 53pcs
  • IRIS One - 50pcs
  • Mugen MTC-2 - 55pcs
  • TLR 22 5.0 - 51pcs
  • TLR 22X-4 - 84pcs
  • XRAY X12 '23 - 33pcs
  • XRAY X4 '23 - 65pcs
  • XRAY XB2 '23 - 75pcs
  • XRAY XB4 '23 - 89pcs
  • Yokomo BD12 - 61pcs

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