Avid Carbon Fibre Carpet Spec Conversion set (TLR 22X-4)

Manufacturer: Avid R/C

Part No: AV10064-CAR-CONV


The Avid TLR 22X-4 Carpet Carbon Conversion has everything you need to get your wheeler feeling more consistent in the turns as well as the jumps. It starts with our ultra-low shock towers that lower your CG while also closer matching the up travel needed since the outer diameter of carpet tires is smaller than their dirt counterpart, which the car was originally designed for. Next, the TLR team has learned that raising the rear diff with the +2mm kit shim helps on high bite to keep the dog bones level with the lower ride heights being used. So we made an extra thick rear chassis brace to go in conjunction with this setup which adds the thickness of the shim from the kit making the chassis more rigid. This not only improves the consistency of the car but it also allows it to land smoother. Then the last piece of the conversion is the Avid top deck, it limits the front flex which substantially improves the jumping/landing of the car while also allowing the front end to be more precise and less twitchy.


Available now individually, or in a complete set!


  • Ultra-low shock towers for lower CG and to match the up travel needs of going to a smaller diameter tire.
  • 4.5mm thick rear chassis brace to be used in conjunction with the kit +2mm TLR rear diff shim.
  • Front top deck to limit the front-end flex which provides a more stable front end on jumps and corners.
  • Fits: TLR 22X-4.

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